Houston ISD

Sharpstown High School

Houston ISD
Houston, TX
$38.4 M
210,000 SF


Project Scope

The new Sharpstown High School represents more than a building for students, it is a neighborhood institution whose architecture and open concepts offer opportunity and availability to the greater Houston community.

Driven by HISD’s commitment to excellence, the new Sharpstown High School will be at the forefront of 21st century and Sustainable school design. The new school will be a two story building with a open, linear mall, connecting five educational neighborhoods. The neighborhoods will be on each side of the central mall, and students will constantly traverse the mall between classes, thereby creating an active, vibrant space. The mall will be used not only as a lobby and circulation space, but also as programmed pre-function and dining and seating spaces. Portions of the Learning Commons, Auditorium pre-function, and Dining Commons will actually be in the Mall. This means that even during class periods, the mall will be a dynamic, central space for the school.

HISD Sharpstown High School Site Plan